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Summary of 65% protein fishmeal
Why should we use 65% protein fish meal in livestock diets?

Fish meal plant Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited – The most reputable 65% fishmeal producer and distributor
Protein fish meal 65%, an animal feed ingredient (especially shrimp farming) is chosen by many feed factories and households. Because it contains many proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are very valuable for pets. Thereby helping livestock to develop and households can improve their economy for the better. However, do you already know where to buy this fish meal plant to ensure good quality and fishmeal prices is cheap? Let suggest the most reputable and professional fishmeal selling address in the article below!

Product name: 65% protein fishmeal

Product code: SP-003

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Foreign matter: max 5%
Ash Total: 19% max
Fat content: 12% maximum
Humidity: 10% max
Protein: 65% minimum
Damaged protein (TVBM): 180 max
Salt: up to 3.5%
Urea: No.
No chemicals Clenbiterol, Sanbutamol, melamine
No pathogenic bacteria (salmonella, shigella), no live insects.
Revealing the supplier of 65% prestige and best price fish protein powder
Revealing the supplier of 65% prestige and best price fish protein powder

Summary of 65% protein fishmeal
This is the main source of animal protein in the livestock industry and has a very high biological value. 65% protein fish meal has a minimum protein content of 65% and is made from marine fish. It has a dark yellow or light yellow color, a loose, lump-free appearance.

Fish meal does not contain pathogenic bacteria, bacteria Ecoli, Ure or mold. At the same time, contains many essential proteins, vitamins, fatty acids to help animals and aquatic animals develop better. That is also the reason that today, 65% protein fish meal has received a lot of trust from people in making ingredients for pet food.

Why should we use protein fishmeal 65% quality in livestock diets?
Sea fish meal contains abundant protein and high source of amino acids, so it helps the animals absorb well and gain weight easily.

65% protein fish meal converts to non-antibiotic feed, so many experts apply when having food problems with pets.

Fish meal plant is the main raw material for the production of animal feed. It tastes good and high quality should help pets grow better. This will help feed companies and households to increase revenue and improve the economic situation of their homes.

65% protein fish meal is an important source of raw materials in the production of animal feed

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Fishmeal contains minimum protein content of 65%, maximum fat 12%, total ash does not exceed 19% … Therefore, it is very beneficial for feeding and weaning animals at less than 10%. At the same time, fishmeal is also useful in improving the health improvement of animals.

Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited – The most reputable 65% fishmeal producer and distributor
You are in need of 65% protein fishmeal to help your pets grow better. However, you do not know where to buy the high quality and cheapest fishmeal prices? Don’t worry, come to Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd – The most famous producer of marine fish meal in Vung Tau.

Over 30 years working in the field of processing fishmeal to make food for livestock and aquatic products, we are confident to satisfy you. In addition, the unit is fully equipped with machinery and equipment imported from Thailand according to European technology and a modern and closed fishmeal production process.

Believe to create the 65% protein fishmeal with rich nutrients. Ingredients include fat, protein, salt … so it helps the animals absorb well and gain weight more easily. At the same time, our organization also commits 65% fishmeal without urea, Clenbiterol, melamine and pathogenic bacteria.

Another impressive point when coming to Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd is fishmeal prices of sea fish meal and the quality of service here is extremely perfect. The staff here not only have high professional knowledge and dedication but also have a gentle service attitude. From there, it helps households to choose the most suitable fishmeal products.

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Above has shared the question where to buy 65% protein fishmeal to ensure the highest quality. Thereby, if you are in need of fishmeal but do not know where to put your faith, the suggestion for you is to go to Our company is confident to provide you with the best quality fishmeal products.

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