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Should we use 60% protein fishmeal as raw material fish meal for animal feed?

Special benefits when looking for a professional 60% protein fish meal supplier
Quality of fish meal protein 60% guaranteed
Affordable 60% Protein fish Meal
Receive enthusiastic and thoughtful advice from the staff
Currently, understanding the value that fish meal feed brings to animals. Especially, providing the necessary amount of nutrients for the animal to grow and develop better. From there, it helps households to gain high profits and improve their economy. Parallel to the main demand is that many fishmeal suppliers are born and it will be great when households choose a reputable address.

Product name: Fish protein powder 60%

Product code: SP-002

Price please contact order.


Foreign matter: max 5%
Ash Total: 22% max
Fat content: 12% maximum
Humidity: 10% max
Protein: 60% minimum
Damaged protein (TVBM): 180 max
Salt: up to 3.5%
Urea: No.
No chemicals Clenbiterol, Sanbutamol, melamine
No pathogenic bacteria (salmonella, shigella), no live insects.
Reveal the benefits of choosing a reputable 60% fishmeal supplier
Should we use 60% protein fish meal as raw material for animal feed production?
The fish meal feed is an indispensable ingredient for the production of animal feed. With high protein content, at least 60% and many fatty acids, Omega 3EPA, vitamins … have helped the animals develop better.

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The process of processing fishmeal is from whole fish, bones. In our country, fishmeal is produced from two raw materials, mainly marine fish and catfish.

Fish meal feed plays a very important role. Because they contain a rich source of protein and taste delicious, pets love it. In addition, the protein in 60% protein fish meal contains all the necessary amino acids and is easier to absorb than meat, making it easier for animals to weigh.

Fish meal for animal feed are also rich in minerals, lipid phosphorus and low cholesterol, so it helps the animals digest well. From there, it helps households to improve their economic situation better.

Special benefits when looking for a professional 60% protein fish meal supplier
Quality of fish meal protein 60% guaranteed
This is the benefit that households receive when choosing a reputable fishmeal supplier. Because this unit has clear business information and operates under the motto “The customer is the owner, the person who pays us the salary”.

Therefore, they are constantly making efforts and improving the fishmeal production process according to European technology. Fully equipped with modern machines and own a team of professional staff with a high sense of responsibility.

Believe that they will create 60% fish protein products with high quality standards, without urea or chemicals, bacteria, living insects … Thereby helping the livestock in households to grow well and grow faster. .

Affordable 60% protein fishmeal
Coming to a reputable fishmeal supplier, feed processing companies and households can be completely assured of the price. Because most provide transparent powder prices for you to keep track of.

At the same time, they also committed to the price of 60% fish protein meal commensurate with the quality. That contains high content of nutrients such as fat, minimum protein 60%, maximum rotten protein 180.

Professional Fish meal feed suppliers commit that the product price is commensurate with the quality. Receive enthusiastic and thoughtful advice from the staff. Most of the specialized fishmeal suppliers pay great attention to service quality. Because they always understand that only when making customers feel satisfied will they help the company to stand firmly in the market.

Receive enthusiastic and thoughtful advice from the staff. Therefore, they always listen to the opinions and aspirations of customers, especially households. In addition, the staff here are also rich in professional knowledge and dedicated to their work, so they will advise you on fishmeal products that suit your needs as well as your budget.

At the same time, it also offers many attractive promotions when ordering 60% protein fish meal in bulk. Thereby helping you to save costs and easily own the highest quality fishmeal products.

The above shared benefits households received when looking for a professional 60% protein fishmeal supplier. Thereby, if you still wonder about which unit to choose to send your trust, please visit right away! Our unit is committed to providing fishmeal products with high quality and most competitive prices.

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