Vỏ ghẹ làm thức ăn chăn nuôi, thức ăn thủy sản

Crab shells

Giá: 5,000 VNĐ Crab shells are used exclusively to make raw materials for production of animal feed, raw materials for aquatic animal feed production in order to supplement chitin, calcium, phosphorus for livestock, extract chitin, chitosan, raw materials for environmental pollution treatment. water pollution, handling […]


fishmeal prices

65% protein fishmeal

fishmeal prices is cheap Table of contents Summary of 65% protein fishmeal Why should we use 65% protein fish meal in livestock diets? Fish meal plant Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited – The most reputable 65% fishmeal producer and distributor Protein fish meal 65%, […]


Fish meal feed

60% protein fishmeal

Providing 60% protein fishmeal prestige Table of contents Should we use 60% protein fishmeal as raw material fish meal for animal feed? Special benefits when looking for a professional 60% protein fish meal supplier Quality of fish meal protein 60% guaranteed Affordable 60% Protein fish Meal […]


dried fish meal

55% protein fishmeal

Professional and prestigious 55% production of protein fish meal In recent years, Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd is the name most trusted by people when there is a need to buy dried fish meal. Because this is the most famous fishmeal producer in our […]


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