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Professional and prestigious 55% production of protein fish meal
In recent years, Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd is the name most trusted by people when there is a need to buy dried fish meal. Because this is the most famous fishmeal producer in our country. With long-term experience and reputation and owning a team of skilled staff, our unit is confident to create quality fishmeal products with the most competitive prices.

Product’s name: 55% protein fishmeal

Product code: SP-001

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Foreign matter: max 5%
Total ash: 25% max
Fat content: 12% maximum
Humidity: 10% max
Protein: 55% minimum
Damaged protein (TVBM): 180 max
Salt: up to 3.5%
Urea: no
No chemicals Clenbiterol, Sanbutamol, melamine
No pathogenic bacteria (salmonella, shigella), no live insects.
The most prestigious 55% protein fish meal supplier in Vung Tau
Introduction about dried fish meal:
This is an indispensable source of raw materials in the production of animal feed. Fish protein protein 55% is processed from fish meat, trash fish, head, bone … Therefore, it has high protein content, at least 55% and has a sweet taste.

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In addition, dried fish meal also provides essential nutrients to help the animals grow better. Such as amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, protein … The maximum protein digestibility level of 55% protein fishmeal is about 94% and does not contain chemicals or bacteria, so please rest assured.

Revealing the notes you should know when using 55% protein fish meal:
Fish meal for chickens is steamed and dried using advanced technology. This will help the animals absorb better and improve economic efficiency. In addition, you can also mix vitamins, rice bran and flour or some plants with the right ratio to help fish better prevent disease.

Fish meal for chickens can be mixed a little water and yeast and then incubated from 12 to 24 hours depending on the temperature. After fermentation, the fishmeal will have aroma and high nutritional value. However, this powder does not last for a long time.

Fish meal 55% is high in protein with many essential nutrients:
Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited – The most prestigious 55% protein fish meal producer
Referring to the most prestigious fishmeal producer in Vung Tau, most people immediately think of the name Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited. Through many years of operation in the field of production and distribution of fishmeal, our unit is confident to meet all standards of customers across the country.

The most prominent strength of our company is owning a team of professional staff with a high sense of responsibility. They always follow the professional fishmeal production process, so they will certainly produce 55% fish protein products with the highest quality standards.

Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd. is committed to fishmeal without chemicals Clenbiterol, melamine, pathogenic bacteria or live insects. At the same time, the product ensures a minimum of 55% protein and rich nutritional content such as fat, calcium, phosphorus … thereby helping your pets grow and develop better.

Come to to easily buy quality fish protein protein 55%:

Another impressive point when coming to our unit is that you will experience the professional customer care process here. They will advise you on appropriate dried fish meal products and instructions on how to use them in the right way for better pets. Thereby helping households to gain high profits and improve their home economy effectively.

Quality commitment policy of Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited:
Committed to providing fishmeal products that are of high quality and free from urea, chemicals or pathogenic bacteria.

Commitment to provide competitive and affordable fishmeal prices for everyone in our country.

Customers will receive enthusiastic advice from the staff at Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited. They will help you choose the fishmeal product that suits your needs and budget.

The unit is committed to producing fishmeal with a closed transport process with standard raw materials.

Phuc Loc Vung Tau Company Limited offers competitive fishmeal prices:

The above shared about the most prestigious 55% protein fishmeal producer. Thereby, if you are in need of fishmeal products, you should immediately go to to get advice and quotation from the staff at Phuc Loc Vung Tau Co., Ltd!

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